SpiceBird – A Free Email Client I’m Pleased To Recommend

I was so impressed with this OpenSource email client that I had to post about it.  I’d been having problems with Mozilla Thunderbird for quite some time.  Finally, getting frustrated, I uninstalled it and went hunting for a suitable replacement.The installation went without a hitch.  It then imported my contacts flawlessly.  It uses IMAP and imported even my customized Google Mail subfolders perfectly.  I deleted my old ISP email information, which had also been imported.  With my Gmail the only account, I set it to check for new messages every minute, and voila!  I’m in business 😉

Calendar, Chat, Feeds … this baby’s got them all.  I’m sure I haven’t used it long enough to note any bugs, but when an application installs intuitively and then does exactly what I want it to do, the first try, that’s a sell for me personally.

Click on the screenshot above to go to the SpiceBird website, if you’re interested.  It’s an 11 Mb download.  If I find anything I like better, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.  But for now, it’s SpiceBird for me 🙂

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