RocketDock – A Great Program Launcher

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I actually used the default Windows 7 shortcut dock for awhile.  But I’ve found something I like much better: Rocket Dock.  It takes less mouse clicks to get to the program you want to launch.  And it looks better, too!

Edit: Sorry to say, but I’ve found Rocket Dock to be buggy with some of the Docklets installed.  Maybe not Rocket Dock’s fault, but rather the fault of the add-ons — I dunno, but now I’m trying the free version of Object Dock.  For those that like fine-grained control, I can recommend Mouser’s Launchbar Commander.

If you’ve not tried it, I recommend it (but beware certain docklet add-ons).  The installer is a little over 6 Mb, and you can download it using this link.  Enjoy!

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SpiceBird – A Free Email Client I’m Pleased To Recommend

I was so impressed with this OpenSource email client that I had to post about it.  I’d been having problems with Mozilla Thunderbird for quite some time.  Finally, getting frustrated, I uninstalled it and went hunting for a suitable replacement.The installation went without a hitch.  It then imported my contacts flawlessly.  It uses IMAP and imported even my customized Google Mail subfolders perfectly.  I deleted my old ISP email information, which had also been imported.  With my Gmail the only account, I set it to check for new messages every minute, and voila!  I’m in business 😉

Calendar, Chat, Feeds … this baby’s got them all.  I’m sure I haven’t used it long enough to note any bugs, but when an application installs intuitively and then does exactly what I want it to do, the first try, that’s a sell for me personally.

Click on the screenshot above to go to the SpiceBird website, if you’re interested.  It’s an 11 Mb download.  If I find anything I like better, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.  But for now, it’s SpiceBird for me 🙂

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My first Blog post

Well, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to become a blogger.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this many years to get around to it!  But I suppose that when you have a busy job, a wife, five children, and numerous side interests (reading, computer programming, reading posts at DonationCoder, etc., it can take awhile 😉

This first post will be rather brief, because my family and I are leaving for church in a few minutes.  I happen to be the teacher of the adult Sunday School class there, as well as the webmaster.  Keeps me pretty busy.

This afternoon, I’ll be traveling to Mount Vernon to pick up two of my children.  Then, I hope to spend some time later in the afternoon working on my entry for this year’s NANY contest at DonationCoder.

I’d like to congratulate my oldest, Hannah, on the great performance of the Adair County Band at the Bands of America contest yesterday.  Great job, Hannah!

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